• Family Law

    Issues surrounding family law can seem like challenging tasks to face alone.

    The Wyoming attorneys at Goddard and Vogel, P.C. are here to help empower you with knowledge of the system.

    We want to help prepare you for what to expect, how long the process may take, and the potential pitfalls.

    Family Law Services Offered:
    Prenuptial Agreements
    Spousal Support
    Property Distribution
    Child Custody, Visitation, and Child Support
    Modification of Custody and Child Support
    Post Divorce Issues and Appeals

    With over 35 years of experience, our attorneys can capably assist you in dealing with your family law issues, and we have highly qualified staff here to help you as well.

    Hiring an experienced Wyoming divorce attorney and family law attorney who is an advocate for you and your family is important, and rest assured, we will zealously advocate for your position.

    We are proud of the services we have provided our clients over the years, and we can help you plan for your current and future needs, protect your wishes, and protect your family.


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